Frequently Asked Questions

Club Busy Bee is a before/after-school care program designed by the non-profit organization, Jamsteld West, Inc.

How much does Club Busy Bee cost?

Before School or After School ONLY – $53/week
Before AND After School – $68/week

Are there any other fees?

There is a ONE TIME annual $50 registration fee

Does Club Busy Bee accept NCI?

Yes, we do! Use the following license numbers when transferring service to Club Busy Bee

BEAR CREEK – 1681324

MAYDE CREEK – 1681429

RHOADS – 1681417

FRANZ – 1681299

MORTON RANCH – 1663664

KING – 1681358

HUTSELL – 1681336

How are the fees paid?

Fees are paid online through the Parent Portal. This is an automatic draft done at the end of the business day on Friday. There are also cash and check options on a case by case basis.

How is Club Busy Bee so cheap?

Club Busy Bee is a non-profit organization and because our main mission is to help families, we do not incorporate high profit margins into our pricing structure.

Is Club Busy Bee licensed?

Yes, Club Busy Bee is licensed by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Child Care Licensing

Do you provide homework help?

YES! We provide homework help every day. We even hire tutors from the closest high school.

Do you give multi student discounts?

Unfortunately, we do not give multi student discounts.

Do you have drop in rates?

Yes. If you are not a regular busy bee parent, then you can arrange a drop-in day or days for $18 per session/per child.

Do you provide services on early dismissal days?

YES! We have staff on campus for early dismissal days. For Club Busy Bee participants early dismissal days costs $5 and for drop in students it is $15.

Are there late fees if I can’t get my child by 6:30?

Yes, there are late fees for picking your child up late. It is $10 for every 5 minutes that you are late.

Can my little one bring a phone or tablet to Club Busy Bee?

Yes. Electronic devices are allowed. However, Club Busy Bee is not responsible for the care of these devices. We also reserve the right to ban devices if they become disruptive or otherwise distracting to the security or safety.

Do you accommodate children with special needs?

YES! We do! Club Busy Bee is an advocate for children with special needs and actually d a special needs festival in the Spring. While there is no up front additional charge for caring for children with special needs, if it determined by CBB staff that disruptive behavior is causing an issue with safety and security, then parents may be required to pay for additional staff support which is never more than the weekly tuition amount

Can my Pre-k child attend Club Busy Bee?

Yes, we do accommodate Pre-k students. However, because we do not provide all day care,

AM Pre-k students must be able to be picked up after class, as Club Busy Bee personnel is not on-site after school opens until 3:30pm.

If my child does not need care for a week or two, will we lose our spot?

Each student has a maximum of 5 vacation days every school year that they can miss from Club Busy Bee and not lose their spot in the program.